Your Estate is in safe hands

What is it?

This is a critical aspect of Estate Planning. Trustees and Executors are institutions and individuals that do the work necessary to carry out your Estate Plan based on your prescribed wishes. We interact with your beneficiaries and make administrative and business decisions on your behalf, standing in your place to implement your plan.

How does it work?

As your Executors, we are responsible for gathering your assets, investing them conservatively while your Estate is being administered, reporting their value to the government, and paying taxes. We will also pay your creditors, report to you and/or your beneficiaries, and distribute your assets as enumerated in your Estate Plan. 


As Executors, we provide technical expertise in handling Estates or Trusts.

We are impartially duty-bound to treat all beneficiaries fairly because we have no emotional involvement.

We also possess financial, legal and other required professional expertise.

Build a legacy that lasts


At FBNQuest Trustees, we provide the expertise for the establishment of a well-crafted Estate Plan, to ensure that your assets are well protected and managed according to your desires.

Let’s discuss your legacy

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