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Estate Planning Explained

When compiling your own Estate Plan, there are certain key ingredients to ensure a fireproof plan, like the finer details of your current personal and financial goals, as well as the current law of the state where you reside or have assets.

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Can you imagine being able to provide for your children’s tertiary education, to keep your business thriving, take care of loved ones and provide constant funding to charitable organisations that are important to you? At FBNQuest Trustees, we offer Estate Planning instruments that capture your desired objectives. 


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Family Trust

Make your family a priority today.

Children Education Trust

Secure the future education of your children

Living Trust

Protect your assets in life and after


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Islamic Estate Planning

Manage your Estate according to your principles

Durable Powers of Attorney

Decide who makes your decisions

All you need to know about Estate Planning

Explore important topics through our wide array of written resources on Estate Planning.

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Build a legacy that lasts


At FBNQuest Trustees, we provide the expertise for the establishment of a well-crafted Estate Plan, to ensure that your assets are well protected and managed according to your desires.

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